About FPC

About FPC

The Foundation for Peaceful Communities Ltd is an independent not-for-profit organisation formed in 2015. A set of core values and practice ethics guides our work.

The Foundation was formed in the pursuit of service and training excellence, and also to ensure that the highest quality services and training are available and affordable for the benefit of the whole community.


Our main areas of focus

  • Initiatives which promote greater communication, respect, understanding and cooperation between all peoples
  • Assisting with the management of disagreements and conflict in order that greater understanding, positive change and beneficial outcomes may be realised
  • Supporting a broad range of organisations and community networks with effective services and training in peacebuilding and conflict management


Who do we work with? 

FPC works with a broad range of clients reflecting the diversity of our community. We provide a wide range of cost affordable services, training and support.

  • Supporting individuals, families, and organisations (including private sector and government)
  • Supporting community networks and community organisations (including NGOs and Charities)
  • Supporting peacebuilding and conflict management practitioners
  • Partnering and collaborating in order to build peaceful communities