Supporting individuals, families, organisations and communities

and conflict management

Facilitation and stakeholder engagement

Mediation and conflict management

Restorative conferencing

We specialize in developing tailored facilitation and conflict management strategies appropriate to the needs of our clients.   Our facilitators and conflict management specialists draw from a wealth of practice experience and a wide range of styles.

Our accredited mediators are highly experienced and uphold the highest professional and ethical standards in accords with Australia’s National Mediation Practice Standards.

Community initiatives and events

Small, medium and large scale events

Workshops and programs to support organisations and communitiies

We offer facilitation and support services in designing and implementing community projects which help to build peaceful communities.  We support individuals, families, organisations and communities and assist in community event and workshop facilitation

Education and Awareness Raising

Information session and educational resources

Training and professional development events

Building a culture of peace within our communities and organisations

Raising public awareness about peacebuilding and conflict management related themes

Strategic support for organisations

Visioning, strategy and governance support

Leadership programs

We can help your organisation with essential elements of strategic planning. Whether your organisation is embarking on a strategic planning journey for the first time, or whether it is time for review and revision of your current strategic framework – we can assist.

Essential elements include the development of an effective and
workable implementation strategy and a MERI plan. (monitoring, evaluation, reporting and improvement)